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Walt Perryman

I was Born in Pecos in 1944, grew up in Grandfalls, spent 26 years with Aramco in Saudi Araibia. Retired and live in Fredericksburg, Texas, out close to Luckenbach. I put some of my poems on Facebook after writing them in the mornings. Below is my life story in 8 seconds:

    I grew up in the West Texas oilfield, then spent 26 years in Saudi Arabia , came back with a wheel barrow full of money, got in the Stock Market, got a divorce, and I still have the wheel barrow.


Type Month Year Title
Poem October 2020 West Texas
Poem October 2020 Worry
Poem October 2020 Without My Cell Phone
Poem November 2020 Re-run Aprons
Poem November 2020 American
Poem November 2020 True Morning Thought
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