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An Editorial: One Year Later

By Leocthasme

Here it is September again, and only a few days away from the anniversary of our other 'day of infamy.' Maybe a look back and some sort of comparison is in order. We may need to know 'how we did it then' and 'what are we doing now?'

I understand that this war is not like other wars. In the last 'big one' we had an enemy, which was a coalition of several countries, called the 'Axis.' Now we have a coalition (bunch of idiots and morons, my definition) who were brought up with little education in God and Country or even in social relationships. But, they are educated in such things as weaponry, global destruction, terrorism, and just plain meanness to anyone who does not hold to their beliefs. They claim to believe in a God, Allah, who by their way of thinking has called them to destroy anything and anybody not a believer in this god. This is some sort of god who demands retribution for the 'so called' sins of all of us who don't accept him/her/it. I don't want to say here that those who claim to be Muslim are wrong, any more than I would say that all who claim to be Christian are right. But, in each of these ideologies there are extremists.

Having said that, let me go back to other comparisons of the 'big one' and 'this one.' Here we are, a country of Americans and a coalition of other countries called our 'allies,' waging war on a bunch of idiots and morons (my definition was explained above), who owe no allegiance to any particular country, but are using any countries resources that they can get their hands on. And, using American freedoms and rights to proclaim their propaganda. And that brings us to an important point of all this.

Since those using our freedoms and rights who deserve them the least, and since our way of life is threatened by the acts of these idiots and morons, some of our leaders and elected representatives think fighting fire with fire is the way to go. Two are brought to mind immediately. The first, a Republican President, elected on the premise of 'smaller government' has now undertaken to create the most enormous thing in government ever imagined, Home Front Security. This huge monster is supposed to take care of everything from terrorism to tire safety, from floods to famine, and from web mail to watching your neighbor. How Great Thou Art, Mr. President, and your hand picked handyman Mr. Attorney General, who just loves all the power you will bestow on him. After all, he couldn't be happier in his new job, since all he had in Missouri were a few friends. The remainder of Missourians wanted no part of him, they knew him for what he was, a sort of Nixon type power seeker. Now he will welcome this new 'form of government' which will have neighbor spying on neighbor. And he will probably pass out 'good neighbor' certificates and medals to those who tell the most on the majority of their neighbors. What a conception, Mr. President, if Stalin or Hitler were still alive, I am sure they would rush right over here to see how to set this thing up, so that they could 'really' control their countries. Let's look at what will happen. Here are typical examples:

Mrs. A has a bunch of little monsters, and let's them loose in the neighborhood to trample over Mrs. B's flower garden. She gets mad and tosses a handful of pot seeds in Mrs. A's yard and then calls the cops and tells them about all the 'strange plants' growing next door. Mrs. B sure got even didn't she? Of course Mrs. A's kids are confiscated by the state, she gets life for possession and distribution. And meanwhile the terrorists hijack another plane and try to 'land it' on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Or maybe, Joe and Mack work in the same office. Joe works hard and gets raises, Mack teases the office secretaries and gets nowhere. Mack, decides he needs to get rid of Joe in order to get raises and secretarial attention. He sends an anonymous e-mail through the office system addressed to Joe, stating the passwords that he requested for 13 porn sites are now available to him by 'clicking here'. Of course the boss has access to all the e-mail too, 'big brother' is watching you know. Joe gets fired, Mack gets a raise and finally makes out with the good-looking blonde in the outer office. One week later the terrorists hijack a crop duster and crash a load of Anthrax into the office building. Maybe Joe was lucky that time, he was already gone. Meanwhile, we got rid of Mrs. A, her kids, and a back lot of pot. Joe got fired and brought up on charges of soliciting sex via the net. And, there you have 'Homeland Security ' in action (as in the old TV Series 'Your FBI In Action').

So, you thought those were just funny stories, right? Wrong, things like that could happen if our President and our Attorney General get things under (their) control. Let's get to our Congressmen and Representatives and tell them for God's sake and America's sake not to even consider approving such a cataclysmic chance. It is one thing to fight terrorists but quite another to lose our American Heritage, our freedom, and our way of life.

Back then we fought and beat back our enemies on the field of battle. Now we will have to seek out these idiots and morons who hide behind women and children. And, they even train their children to blow themselves up in order to gain some yet unproven spot in a heaven not even thought of by Christ or Muhammad, and surely not placed in existence by God or Allah.  

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Reader Comments

Name: Melinda Email:
Comment: There is an answer to this problem: VOTE DEMOCRAT next election and each election thereafter. We now have in place the right-wing conservatives that have been made the subject of many books and movies over the last decade or so. After stealing the election (a silent "coup") by the decision of an official appointed by Bush in the state headed by his brother, "Dubya" immediately pushed through tax breaks designed to benefit only those Americans whose piteous earnings are in excess of $200,000 per annum -- at the expense of the balance of America's citizens. Do not permit your elected representatives to make permanant these tax breaks! The original premise posed by Bush and his cronies was that the budget surplus wiped out by these breaks would begin to accumulate again so that we would hit "break-even" point in 2005. Now the government department that is responsible for budgeting indicates that there will be no recoupment from this devastating income flow until, perhaps, one decade -- if then.



Name: alremkin Email:
Comment: You raise some valid points. Also consider that under the new laws we'll no longer have the right to a phone call upon arrest and one can be held indefinately without a court appearance. I don't see an easy answer to all this. Stop gaps could be training and arming pilots, but with all the illegal drugs enetring a small nuke is certain to be smuggled in and detonated. Perhaps we should take a close look at how this is handled in other parts of the world? I though in the '60's terrorism would be use to usher in the police state unfortunately it seems to be correct.



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