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When I Move To Mars

By Bruce Clifford

April 20, 2002

Oh, it's time for me to reach for the stars
Pack my bags and plant my seeds on Mars
The chain reaction of a needle pulling thread
The puncture wounds of this crazy afternoon

Oh, it's time just to see how far
Can I make it beyond the shooting stars
Mercury and Venus were never right for me
Jupiter and Saturn would never let me breathe

I'll write my friends and send pictures of the sky
I will defy the logic as my thoughts begin to fly
You never know just what makes up these cosmic stars
You may think I'm crazy when I move to Mars

I still will remember you
From so far away
If you get the chance
Would you come with me to stay

I'll write my friends and send pictures of the sun
It will help me remember who I once was
The time and distance that points us to the stars
There's no resistance when I move to Mars  

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