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The Things

By Bruce Clifford


Watch the time pass as you sip on your wine
It doesn't matter to me, it's really very fine
Watch the wind in circles invade your place in time
Try to hold it in
The start is where to begin
All I know is that I miss the way this world should be

Watch the time slip as your shadow begins to fade
It's an incurable disease upon us, in our face
Watch the matter swirl beyond time and space
It's written all over your face

The things I tell myself I thought I knew
The spirit of the slide during this critical rescue
The pride in a system that wants you to believe
The stories of a time before one could conceive

The things I think about when there's nothing on my mind
The power of the many as the hungry stand in line
The legacy of life, the opinions of the whole
The inner space and beauty that we had to let go

Watch the time pass as you sip on your wine
Come back for more before you stand in line
Engage in a system that's swallowed our pride
The silence of the moment in a world of compromise  

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