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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Baked Potato Topping

(Along with the butter you use)

Here it is about time for Lent and fasting again. Well, for all you 'fasters' that don't really want to lose too much waistline in the 40 days of doin' without (some things that is), here is a nice easy do it yourself potato topper. Since some of ya'll are maybe cutting back on the meat and soppin' gravy this will help you get a fill. A nice baked potato can make a sparse meal better. And since you have cut down on the other stuff you normally pack in, this here topper will be sure to help fill in the empty spaces. I'm looking forward to bunny time myself, with lots of ham and eggs, whichever.

Along with your baked potato that you have allowed yourself, which you split open and lathered with plenty of butter (real cow stuff) you will have to pile on some good ol' Sour Cream Topping.

Here is how to do the topping:

    For each cup of Sour Cream you will need the following:
      teaspoon dill weed
      1 teaspoons dried chives.
      About teaspoon each of salt and pepper (to taste)
      1-tablespoon bacon bits, you can use imitation bacon bits, but if you use real bacon use the lean pieces, well done and broken into bits. The real thing is much better tasting.
      And use a splash of Worcestershire Sauce, at least a couple of drops.

Combine all the ingredients and mix will. Chill in the fridge before serving.

And, you can make your topping a day ahead; it will keep fine in the fridge.

After you eat all of the goodie out of the baked potato, you can fill the hollow in with some more topping and eat the skin too.

Don't Fade Away,
Keep In Shape For Bunny Day!


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