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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

A Merry Christmas To All
An' I'm Gonna' Have a Good Night

Jes thinkin' back over the past year here, an' seems as how I done a lotta' cookin'. An' now here it is Christmas an' I bet everybody is lookin' here to see how I cook a turkey or a ham or some Christmas goodies. Well, I ain't gonna' cook nuttin' fer Christmas, at least not here. I'm takin' off like everybody else and findin' a nice big easy chair to park in an' maybe see if I been nice enough fer Santa to drop off a little somethin' in my sock. Well, I thought maybe at least my dear sweet Italian Fairy Godmother would drop by an' hit on the hot wine an' other holiday cheer and wave her magic wand around, without creating havoc, so to speak, an' maybe spill a little leftover knowledge my way, wherever (I did take off the sprig of garlic and the medal of the blessed virgin as sort of an unwritten invitation, whatever). Well, seems she did show up in a dream and sorta' told me to take it easy for awhile and quit workin' so hard (that remark sorta' cast doubts of her bein' a 'know it all'). She also told me she and all the other good fairies were having their own shindig and she was gonna' be right in the middle of it (well good fer her). So, anyway I sat down and mulled over the suggestion and decided it would be a good idea fer me to take it easy an' enjoy the holidays too. So this month I ain't cookin nuttin' not here anyway. But, fer all you new comers to PENCILSTUBS and COOKIN' WITH LEO, here are some oldies and goodies (me n' Ann Landers take the same dim view of workin' all the time an' bein' the older and wiser bunch we just don't always write new, we rewrite new).

You will have to get busy with your browser button now and look back at these issues (we like you to reminisce):

    If you are looking for some snackin' stuff and holiday drinks go look at this issue -
    November 1999 Issue
    Or maybe you like Football Fare for your guests while focusing on favorite franchises -
    Try the December 1999 Issue.
    Wanna' bake some sweets an' goodies to take to grandma so she don't have to do all the cookin'?
    Look in September 2000 Issue.
    A simple dessert for Christmas can be found too -
    Look in the December 2000 Issue.
    Of course we ain't gonna' ferget about havin' A Great Life while watchin' all them ancient reruns so let's look for some snackin' stuff to go along with the Colorado Kool Aid -
    Check out the May 2000 Issue.
    And now (wouldn't you know it) my dear Italian Fairy Godmother just tapped me on the shoulder and said she was gonna' cause some sort of havoc if I didn't mention her famous meatballs. For my sake and for my dear sweet Italian Fairy Godmother's sake -
    Please look in the March 2000 Issue.

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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