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Cookin' with Leo

By Leocthasme

Apples, Spicy, Sugary, Sweet, Buttery

Well, here we are, Fall is here, and apples are in. In what you ask? Well, how about in some spicy sauce. After all Halloween is fast approaching and instead of all them candied apples that mess up the little ones from sweater to sock with sticky caramel, let's just get all them apples and instead of dipping them in the sticky stuff, we'll just make them easier to eat. Like little tasty spicy morsels, whatever. And, Happy Halloween, without the mess.

OK, let's get started, here is what you'll need:

1 stick of butter, (1/4 lb.) real cow stuff, not the non-fattening kind.

cup brown sugar (packed).

4 medium sized apples, Jonathans are a good choice. Cut them in quarters, cut out the seeds and core, trim the ends, they don't need to be peeled, then cut the pieces in half.

1 tspn cinnamon

tspn nutmeg

tspn ground cloves

1 tblspn honey

a few drops of pure maple flavoring.

And here is how you'll do it:

    Heat a 9 or 10 in. skillet over medium low heat and melt the butter in it. Don't want to scorch the butter just want it melted.
    Add the honey and the brown sugar and stir into the melted butter using a wooden spoon. Stir and mix until the brown sugar is dissolved into the butter and honey.
    You may need to raise the temperature a bit but be careful not to burn or scorch the mix.
    Mix in all the remaining spices and blend thoroughly.
    Now add the apples and stir them to coat them, increase the heat to medium high and cover and let cook for about 5 minutes or until the apples are tender.

These spiced apples can be served warm as a side with beef dishes, or cooled and eaten separately as finger food, You can lick your fingers, but it's tough to lick caramel off your clothes.

An' Happy Halloween, Ya'll!


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