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Unspeakable Goodbye

By Bruce Clifford

Fifteen thousand three hundred and forty times
Iíve said good morning to you.
Iíve said goodnight to you.
Forty-two birthdays, all the holidays.
I sent my wishes to you.
I always wished the best for you.
You couldnít hear me.
I always cared.
This pain has gone nowhere.
This pain has gone nowhere.

Will you ever tell me why?
Why are we an unspeakable goodbye?
Why canít you just look me in the eyes?
Iíve only asked you for the truth about a half a million times.
We used to see eye to eye.

I hurt when I heard you were hurting.
I cried when I learned of your pain.
None of that was deserving.
Why am I the one who now has to pay.
Now all I want to do is cry.
Why have we become an unspeakable goodbye?

© 5/27/2022: Bruce Clifford

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