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A Mother's Lessons

By Danielle Cote Serar


Some of you may remember me sharing at the beginning of the year that my words for 2022 were Take Back. As a part of that, Iíve been attending a weekly womenís Bible study. As we finish up this semester, we started a four-week series called Guardrails. Itís always fascinating how God weaves things into our lives when we need them.

The concept of boundaries isnít something new for me. In fact, Iíve counseled people on maintaining healthy relationships with those they love that are toxic in their lives, even if it means loving them from a distance. But it took an interesting set of circumstances to realize that some of my most needed boundaries had been eradicated. And when this series started, it was a wake-up call that I had once again begun to let my boundaries deteriorate.

In my business life I was taught a very valuable lesson. ďYou canít give from an empty cup.Ē meaning simply that if you are not in a healthy right place (be it mentally, physically, financially, etc.) if you are running on fumes, you really donít have anything to give to others. For myself, I have found boundaries to be this regulator of helping to maintain my own cup, so to speak.

I have found when I move beyond these healthy regulators that Iím drainedÖ be it poor financial choices, binging on the foods I know donít serve me well, or trying to operate and successfully function in a toxic relationship. When Iím putting into those areas, Iím not only robbing myself, draining myself, but Iím putting myself in a position where I wonít be able to do for others.

I needed this reminder. I was allowing myself back on a slippery slope. And just when I needed the gentle nudge, I got one.

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