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Writing The Words

By Bruce Clifford

Writing the words I hear in my dream
Creating the music one note at a time
Filling a void that has brought me to this place
This is a song of a past we will one day trace

Taking it slow with a ballad of love
Riding the highs from the windows above
Writing the words I see in front of me
Capturing a time that completes pure destiny
It's who I must be

Writing the words I have left here for you
A snapshot of the moment when I thought I broke through
You would never know me by the look on my face
It's written in the songs that can never be replaced
It's so hard to find the place

I once heard this song playing in my dream
Now I pen the words to embark on this fantasy
The motion of the change of time when shadows melt away
Gather in the sun with words that turn to phrase

Writing the words that keep you deep in thought
A melody that defies logic when you fight what's already fought
The ballad and the harmony draw circles in the sky
Dancing on shades of shadows in a moment of time

Copyright "Writing The Words" 7/20/01 Bruce Clifford

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