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Time Flash

By Bruce Clifford

Thereís never enough time in the day
Time flashes on either way
No matter what part of the world I am on
Time flashes on and on

There arenít enough grains of sand
Not compared to a universe we canít comprehend
Thereís not enough time in the day
Time to leave time to stay

How do we get from here to there
How to we fight a war thatís unfair

Thereís never enough time to see
The things slipping away from you and me
Each wave that reaches a foreign land
Time marches on where we stand

How do we from A to Z
How do we drift in the make believe

Thereís never enough time in the day
Chaos and politics get in the way
No matter how far our eyes can see
Time makes this hard to believe

There arenít enough stars in the sky
All the casual looks as each moment passes by
Each sound that reaches a desperate ear
Time makes it hard for this all to disappear

How do we get from here to there

©5/3/19 Bruce Clifford

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