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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

4th of July Barbequed Chicken
(Well, it's red and it's hot)

Well now, fer the rest a' that color combination, y'all will jes hafta' wear a white tee shirt and blue jeans, whatever.

And, you might know it would happen when I shed the medal of the Blessed Virgin with the sprig of garlic, for obvious reasons. So, who shows up but my dear Italian Fairy Godmother, demanding to know what I have been doing all winter without her (garlic and the medal did work). So, she 'sez' (my dear Italian Fairy Godmother never 'says') "Mia Bambino, whatch doin' alla deese munts you never call ona' me?"

"Well, gee, dear Italian Fairy Godmother, I thought you imparted all your vast knowledge upon me with one big fell swoop of your magic wand awhile back, and I really didn't think you were ever coming back to tell me anything new."

"Hey, whatcha' tink," she sez, "Maybe, I sit aroun all'a time ona' big white cloud someplace?"

"Well no, dear Fairy Godmother, I have no idea where you hang out, and maybe it's best I don't know."

"OK, OK, You justa be nice an' I gonna make you real smart, lika me. An' not only dat, but now you are in Texas so you gonna' hafta' learn how dey gonna' do tings in Texas, so you still gonna' be my little smart Bambino."

And, thus it happened, SWOOSCH, with the magic wand ting, er, thing, and she was gone as fast as she showed up. But, she, in all her wisdom, filled my brains in a blinding blast, with many new marvelous recipes, Texas recipes, that is. So here is a new one, hot off my 'Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Close Encounter with my dear Italian Fairy Godmother,' whatever.

Dis is whatcha' gonna' need, she sez:

    6 Chicken quarters, use the leg/thigh quarters, they are meatier, (she sez)
    1 16oz can diced tomatoes, or use the kind with chilies in for a more spicy taste.
    1 small can tomato sauce (my dear Italian Fairy Godmother is hell on tomato sauce)
    1 smaller sized red onion, chopped up.
    1 oz dry red wine.
    1 tspn garlic powder.
    1 tblspn brown sugar.
    1 tblspn Worcestershire Sauce.
    tspn, crushed cayenne pepper.

Dis is how you gonna' do it, she sez:

Drain the diced tomatoes (discard the juice), and empty them into a sauce pan with all the other ingredients, except the chicken. Blend the mixture well and cook over medium heat until thickened a bit, about 10 minutes.

Prepare the chicken pieces on the grill, turn them occasionally to get them golden brown. Now bring them in, coat them well with the sauce and let them finish in the oven at about 350 degrees. Turn them once after about 5 minutes and coat them some more and make sure they are done by testing them with a fork or toothpick. A fork or toothpick should push in easily and come out clean.

A perfect partner with the BBQd chicken is cole slaw.

And, my dear Italian Fairy Godmother sez, ferget the frosty cans of Colorado Kool Aid and give 'em all some good Italian wine (that's what she sez).

And now I wear a new medal of the Blessed Virgin with a fresh sprig of garlic.


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Name: peggy Email:
Comment: I thought the recipe was good the words were very different



Name: JJ Email:
Comment: Great receipe .. Love the way to put it together, LOL



Name: Email:
Comment: At last I've seen the real leoCthasme!.And thanks for this new format or is it layout? for this site.



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