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I Am Enough

By Marilyn Carnell

“I am ok”, she said
As she lay weeping on her bed
It won’t help me to succeed
In holding back a sense of loss
I have to take the role of boss
Was I so wrong those many years?
Holding back pain and shedding tears?
“I am OK”, she said
It’s time to lead and not be led
I never felt I was enough
A response to comments off the cuff
So deeply held those many years
The source of grief and countless tears
Why did I buy this kind of stuff?
“I am ok, she said
Trials helped to make me tough
And overdo to prove them wrong
By learning much and singing song
It’s time to breathe a puff
Of healing air and say,
“Oh yes, I am enough!
©December 19, 2017 Marilyn Carnell

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