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Hold on Tight

By Bruce Clifford

Lifting up beyond the reach of a moment
Taking a second to clear out your mind
Rising above the holes in the ozone
Reaching beyond this latest rewind

Hold on straight for each passing hour
Counting the dreams hidden far far away
Creating a point of decisive distractions
Reaching beyond the sphere and fray

Itís not so
So donít go
Itís not right
Hold on tight
Hold on tight
Hold on tight

You said you loved me when I was a child
Then you threw me out into the wild
You never gave anything without expecting something in return
All my life these are the lessons Iíve learned

You canít just get past this when time marches through
Each second of chatter is the old and the new
You never did anything except for yourself
All my life I remembered how you made my life hell

Lifting up beyond the reach of a moment
Taking time to see the open road
Rising above the chaos and fire
These are the memories of you that I hold.

©7/3/17 Bruce Clifford

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