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I Won't Return

By Bruce Clifford

Dream if you can dream
Take yourself back to that moment in your mind
Breathe if you can breathe the air
Are you being honest or taking someone for a ride

I canít know what gets you down
I donít want to know when youíre around
You canít feel without a sound
I canít know when youíre in town

Dreams take you to other dreams
Nights bring out empty thoughts and extremes
Panic sets in and you say goodbye
Daylight returns to a new sunrise

I donít know what touches your heart
I canít get too close or it will tear me apart
Time wraps around time then settles in
I canít know what you meant

Dream if you can dream
Bring yourself to that point of no return
Breathe if you can breathe the air
I wonít be burned again I wonít return

©11/28/14 Bruce Clifford

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