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Looking Through

By Bruce Clifford


Looking through a crack in the window
To the other side where things are real
Out there somewhere hidden in the night
A cold example of how I feel

Is this the start of a passing phase
A cruel reminder of a destructive age
Can you help me ease this pain
The world around us is driving me insane

Looking through a bottle that's fallen
In the shadows of time and glass
In the silence there are kings that were broken
Not long ago in the past

Is this a part of what used to be
A forgotten reminder of us fighting to be free
Someone help me get out of this place
This can't be the path we were born to trace

Looking through a mirror that's shattered
To the future where I think of you
Memories are made as time and space are considered
There's still so much that we have left to do

Is this the world we were sent to save
A visual reminder of the dead mans grave
Looking beyond what has to be
Looking through you and looking through me

I keep looking through you
I keep looking through me
I keep looking through
Whatever I see

I'm looking through love
I'm looking through hate
I keep looking through
All that's great

Now I'm looking through all these tears
And I'm looking beyond all the years  

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