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Make It Come Alive

By Bruce Clifford

Watching the planes come in
You said it only happens every ten minutes or so
What you didnít know was they kept coming in

Since then the years went by
So often I had you on my mind
What I didnít know was how you always felt the same

You were so full of life
I didnít know where you went
You made me feel so alive
As if you were heaven sent

The look in your eyes
Stayed with me night after night
I never forgot what was real
What was it that we could feel

You make it come alive
You bring out the best in me
You make everything alright
You make me feel alive

Where did the time go
All the mountains we had to climb
Is this how our story goes
Or do we give this one more try

You make it come alive
You bring me sunshine in the rain
You make everything alright
But will things ever be the same

Letís make it come alive
Letís sit and watch the planes
Are there still answers weíre looking to find
You make it come alive

©2/2/14 Bruce Clifford

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