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Walking Alone

By Bruce Clifford

Is there a reason you lead me to here
Are you walking alone
Is there energy left in your heart
Are you the final push tearing worlds apart
Are you walking alone

Every time I count the many ways
Each catastrophe seems to get mixed up in the haze
A little voice inside of me says run run run
My only sense of reason tells me you're the only one

Walking on the moon
Dancing on the ledge
Leave me alone
That's exactly what she said

The colors fade to promise
False memories were made
How did we get to tomorrow
Am I the one who has been saved

Is there a reason you don't like to hear
The amazing things about you
Am I walking alone
Are you walking alone

Is there a reason you brought me to here
Are we alone
Is there compassion left in your soul
I just can't let go

4/30/13 Bruce Clifford

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