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The Race

By Bruce Clifford

I feel like I'm in a race
I can't find my winning pace
I feel like I'm on the ground
I can't make a simple sound

I feel like I'm shouting out
I can't reach the nearest cloud
I feel like I'm in the jam
I can't foresee a simple plan

But I'm always crying over you
Always thinking of you
Always dreaming of you

I feel like I'm still walking in glue
I can't escape this blind attitude
I feel like all hope is gone
I can't seem to right this wrong

Right this wrong
Hope for a better day

But I'm always crying over you
Always worrying about you
Always wanting the best for you

I feel like I'm in outer space
I can't find my inner place
I feel like I'm beyond the truth
I can't keep walking in this glue

9/3/12 Bruce Clifford

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