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In Touch

By Bruce Clifford

Sometimes I wish I could run away
I would find a place where we can escape
When this world becomes too much
I want to hide away and stay out of touch

A care free place to dance and play
It seems so simple but so far away
To dream, to wish for a place as such
I want to hide away and stay out of touch

Each passing night so the story goes
I dream of a garden where only happiness grows
We climb the mountain to reach the top
I want to hide away so this insanity could stop

Is it wrong to run and hide
To preserve my sanity, this peace inside
Just a place free of fears and woes
On and on the story goes

So if I run away will you follow
Will you carry me across this dream
If I run away will you follow
Before my heart breaks into a million tiny things

3/27/12 Bruce Clifford

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