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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Aztec Annie's Bloody Hot Mary's

My dear pal Aztec Annie must be feeling sorry for me. I know that she knows that I hate the hot horrible weather of West Texas, so the other day she made a pit stop here on my patio just to cheer me up. And geez did I need cheering up, damn hot West Texas weather, no rain for months, just damn miserable in what I thought was a miserable state. What other bad things can happen here? Well, it can’t get much worse, except for ongoing hot weather, little or no rain, lakes and rivers all drying up, and the worst news ever, Perry is out to get Obama’s job, can you believe that? I personally thought he could not run Texas, but then his oil rich buddies think he can do anything, especially since he made them all richer than rich by taking away things from school kids and little ol’ ladies. Well maybe if he runs for something else beside governor maybe we’ll get him the hell out of Texas, who knows. Aztec Annie just whispered in my ear that he wasn’t even qualified to be an Aztec Temple guide in South America because he would not be able to climb all the steps, many more, she said, than them capitol steps in Austin. Gee Annie, that was an interesting thought, but then, hell I guess we can’t ship him off to South America anywhere. How about on down to the South Pole, where he can check up on global warming? Good thought, she said, but the penguins have it bad enough already. Well, that’s true, I guess we can let him wander around the states until he gets lost someplace. Most Texans can only find their way around a 10,000 acre ranch but could never find their way through a big city like Saint Louis or Kansas City.
“ So much for politickin’ with me Annie, what else brought you here?”
“Well, I know you been mopein’ around here all’a time so I bring you something to cheer you up.”
“That’s great Annie, even a kick in the tail end might cheer me up”.
“This here no hurt like kick
And now I had a brand new recipe for a brand new nice cool drink, what will go good with all the long hot weekend cookouts. Don’t let the heat get ya’, fix up a big batch of this

Bloody Hot Mary’s by the pitcher full

What you will need:

    1 can regular RoTel™
    Pour into blender and fill can with Vodka and add to blender
    ˝ cup pure lemon juice
    2 tablspns Worchester sauce
    About 1/3 cup catsup
    ˝ to 1 tsp whole celery seed slightly crushed
    ˝ to 1 tsp black pepper

Add everything to blender as you go and now add 6 to 8 ice cubes 1 at a time.

Pulse to start choppin' ice and then blend mixture thoroughly to combine all ingredients.

Get about a half dozen tall glasses and pull off some leafy celery stalks, wash and pull off strings and place in glass with mix to use as stirrers and garnish.

Take Care Now, Ya’heah!

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