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Fork In The Road

By Bruce Clifford

Each universe
There's two of us
Every passing day
The things we meant to say
How this thing called space got in our way

Remember when we took that other fork in the road
It took us to a place where fairy tales are told
Remember when we had the choice to decide
In the end we got in the car and took a long ride

We woke up in a field in another country far away
We had the blessings of angels as two hearts were meant to save
We gathered up berries and sunshine in the rain
We took our chances and had nothing left to blame

Each universe
There's two of us
Take the cosmic wheel
The things we always knew we would feel
How this thing called life took a hold and became so real

We woke up amidst the dust and freedom of change
We had the momentum of tomorrow as two souls needed to be tamed
We captured missing pieces in valley of the pain
We took our souls dancing and had nothing left to blame

What would you do at the fork in the road
What would you do at the fork in the road
It's a different world now when you reverse what you have known
On that new path at that fork in the road.

10/5/2010 Bruce Clifford

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