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I'm Lucky to Have You

By Bruce Clifford

Why do I feel so lost when you're not near
Have I been this way through all those missing years
Sometimes I get to the point when I don't know what to do
But something inside me knows I'm lucky to have you

All the stories left to tell you as we tumbled through the years
The happiness and pain, all the laughter and the tears
When life gets to be too much I gather in the clue
Something inside tells me I'm lucky to have you

I thought of you so many times, but I didn't know where to look
Sometimes I wondered if we heard the same songs or even read the same book
The common bond that found us so we could start anew
The one thing that's for certain is I'm lucky to have you

This amazing person you have become as life brought us to here
Nothing could change the past, but memories can never disappear
Sometimes I get to the point where I don't even have a clue
Everything inside of me knows I'm lucky to have you

4/25/10Bruce Clifford

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