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Cookin' with Leo

By Leocthasme

Baked 'Taters

Ya'll Like Fries With Your Hamburgers? This Here Is Better

Well now, all you hamburger eatin' kids and ya'll what don't pay no 'tention to the advice of the Surgeon General, or any general fer that matter. This is a good potato recipe for the carry out burger and fries bunch. Every once in a while you need to take a break from Big Macs and maybe do yer own thing. Go on and get yourself a butcher shop full a' ground meat, whatever it takes to feed yer hungry mouths. But while yer there grabbin' up all the meat go get a sack of potatoes and drag them home with you instead of a sack of frozen French fries (I don't like to cut up French fries either). This will make you give up them double orders of fries with half pounders and cheese, whatever.

Again we ain't measurin' anything here. You will just have to figure for each Burger n' Cheese at least one fair sized potato. Best potatoes to use would be the bakin' kind, not them kind you toss into Irish stew which are usually little hard round red potatoes that my dear Irish Gramma used to cook with Corned Beef fer a couple a' days (an I mean a couple a' days) before Patty's day. She never measured a thing or timed any cookin'. Usually figured the size of the crowd and tried to figure when they would be comin' home. But when ever they got home it was ready to serve 'over or under'.

OK here's what we are gonna' do:

Get all the potatoes you are going to need. At least one for each person.
Scrub 'em, Don't peel 'em
Quarter 'em into wedges and let 'em set in cold water while you do this:
If you cut up 8 potatoes this is what you will need to coat 'em

    1 tblspns Dijon Mustard
    1 tspn Paprika
    1 tspn ground Cumin
    tblspn garlic Powder, not Garlic Salt
    A pinch of salt if you got to have it.

OK mix all that together in a nice size bowl and now get them 'taters and put a few in the bowl at a time and get them coated with that goody.

Now you need a baking dish, lightly buttered so they don't stick to the bottom, to place the 'taters in and sorta space them out so they don't pile up on each other, ya know leave a little space between. Heat the oven to 400 and bake them for 10 minutes and then turn them over and bake another 10 minutes.

There you got it, now you can serve 3 or 4 with each burger.

This has just been replaced.


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Reader Comments

Name: Mary Ann Email:
Comment: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmGOOD! You don't know how GOOD that sounds to a potato loving person!!!! Gonna print this one and use it for the gang! Thanks!



Name: leo Email:
Comment: Hey now JJ, ya'll don't have to put this somewhere else. Just have everybody in SPII come over here and read it An for that matter thay can go back each issue and read 'em all. have fun. leocthasme



Name: JJ Email:
Comment: Again very good Leo.. If you don't post this in SP2 I will. Sounds great



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