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By Leocthasme

What A Small Town In Texas Is Doing About The Wal-Mart Effect

So where is Mesquite? Well the stuff is all over Texas, that’s why Texas BBQ is the greatest anywhere. But, what about Mesquite, Texas? Well, that is a small little town just south and east of Dallas, Texas, a suburb of sorts of the big city. And here is what that little town is doing about the Wal-Mart effect.

What you haven’t heard of ‘The Waal-Mart Effect’? Well. if you are like most folks, as soon as some big box is put up in your town you go there to save money, so you think. And you quit the little local shops in town and when that happens the shops close down and the town looks like some ‘ghost town’ in a 50’s Western. You really don’t, save any money by driving another 20 or so miles out of town, but that is another story that has been publicized in many sources. So let’s look in on the town of Mesquite, Texas and see how it is bringing back some town business.

All this summer, every weekend, Art Greenhaw, a shop owner in town and the Bandleader of the Light Crust Doughboys, the oldest and continuous ongoing music group in musical history (they began in 1930 with Bob Wills, the leader, and Burrus Mills, their sponsor), are conducting weekend concerts. The concert series is a variety show, rhythm and blues, classic rock, and some of the Doughboys’ Western Swing. And, guess who came to town out of sympathy for the cause? The legendary Dave Bartholomew, is appearing each weekend, Check the sources below for tickets for the rest of the summer events

Art says, “Our Mesquite concert series as of now has a variety/r&b/classic rock emphasis...We're trying to turn a declining, almost pedestrian-dead old town square around in an area that's been heavily WAL-MART-ED
(one of the worst things that can happen to a town, as you and I agree).

The band will have a big nut to crack, with paying all the musicians; however Dave Bartholomew is performing with the band out of sympathy for the cause and his love of the music. Dave Bartholomew is almost 89 years young and still going strong. He's a Katrina survivor one of the greatest rock and roll and r&b producers-arrangers in history...

This is something all Texans and everybody else for that matter should come to hear.

Ticket Info: (a perfect direct link for reservations)

Leo C. Tha's Me!  

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