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Why Would You Hurt Me

By Bruce Clifford

On that afternoon when I called you up
It seemed you had nothing to say
I asked all the questions, but hear little reply
Girl, why are you being this way

If I did something to hurt you would you please let me know
I always wanted you as a friend
On that afternoon when I call you up
I knew our relationship was at an end

Why would you hurt me
It hurt so bad
Why would you ignore me
Could it be something that I said

When we spoke on the telephone
It seemed you wanted to throw it away
It hurt so bad, you'll never know
It would be worse if you didn't give me a smile today

On that afternoon when you let me down
I wasn't sure if it was you
I asked "how you're doing" do you feel guilty inside
I really didn't know what to do

If I said something to offend you would you please tell me so
You were always my dearest friend
But on that afternoon when you let me down
Our relationship was at an end

©July, 1983 Bruce Clifford
(Written in Avatar Music)

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