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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Something To Drink With Spicy Chili
Hot Spicy Bar Be Que
And Other Sage (no pun intended) Advice
To Lovers of La Dolce Vita*

*Leo's complete book of recipes handed down by his Italian Fairy Godmother, for lovers of 'The Good Life'.

This recipe is for a good drink while chowin' down on hot spicy food such as chili, BBQ and such belly bombin' stuff as may be consumed at tailgate parties, whatever. This is mild stuff and it won't get any of your partyin' friends unruly and disorderly. It's great to cool the palate and the innards of those who are not used to hot spicy food. And, by the way, no good cook will ever give water to a guest whose mouth and tummy are burning from all that hot spicy stuff. A glass of wine, beer, whiskey, coffee, tea, or juice will do wonders. And, here is something good for such problems.

Sangria Punch

This recipe won't tell you to use a cup of this or a spoon of that, so put away all them measurin' devices. We are just going to work with percentages, like one part of one thing or two parts of another. The reason is I don't know how many friends, relatives, and ex-wives/husbands, whatever you are partyin' with. So, let's just go with this:
            One quart of Sangria will take care of 8 people
            when combined with the other ingredients.
            So do your arithmetic.

For each cup, quart, gallon, barrel, bathtub full of Sangria add an equal amount of 7Up (and don't go usin' some 49cent a liter, white soda, if you are that cheap don't use this recipe).

For each quart of mixed Sangria and 7Up, add in 2 oz, of RealLime Unsweetened Concentrated Lime Juice, a gallon of mix will take the whole 8oz bottle. Take it from there.
A tray of Ice Cubes will cool a big pitcher of mix or if you mixed a bathtub full then toss in a big block of ice.
Slice up enough Oranges, Lemons, and Limes to float on top.
There you have it. Simple wasn't it?

And, you don't have to get real fancy servin' this drink in fancy little stemmed wine glasses, just stock up on some 12oz paper or plastic cups. Your party goers will be just as happy if they are gulpin' down big bowls of chili or chowin' down on hot spicy BBQ.

An', here is that other (Sage) advice I promised.

When using wine to cook with, do not use or even buy Cooking Wine. Cooking Wine is cheap red wine with a high price tag in a small 8 or 12 oz. bottle and cost about $2.98. If you want to use wine to cook with just go and get a bottle of cheap red wine which will come in a quart or larger bottle, you can cook with what you want of it and drink the rest. The cost of a quart of cheap red wine is about 5 bucks in fact I buy the boxes of the stuff which hold about 5 liters for 8 or 10 bucks, so cook with it, drink it or gargle with it, whatever.

When using wine to cook, add a few drops of neutral salad oil to film over the surface. Oil, when added in such insignificant amounts, will keep the wine sound longer, and will not detract from the prepared dish.

And, here is a simple guide when serving wine with food.
            White before Red:
            Dry before Sweet:
             Light before Full:
             Young before Old.

Ya'll enjoy your cookouts an' tailgatein' now, ya'heah!  

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Reader Comments

Name: cayce Email:
Comment: Oh, shoot, I went to sleep and missed part of it. Uh, What was it now? Oh, yeah, How did you get from "Leo, when are you going to grow up" to shoot, forgot that part, too. Oh, well, anything to read on the throne is better than nuthin, ain't it? Godd show, old man.



Name: leocthasme Email:
Comment: well thanks everybody for all the comments shows somebody out there is reading this stuff I like that



Name: Joann Email:
Comment: Superb, as always, Leo. Will have to try.



Name: Mary Ann Email:
Comment: What a recipe...the question I have is how do you manage to get out of the bathtub after drinking it? Love ya!



Name: Shannon Email:
Comment: Leo, you are a hoot! Love this column too. I think a bathtub full may be much for us but will try a little less. *S*



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