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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Chili Con Carne

Well now, this here recipe came from a olí prospector, what lived out on the desert with the buzzards aní the coyotes aní all them critters, whichever. Aícourse this here fella had to go with what he had or what he could hunt. So here is a olí desert rat's rendition of a chili recipe what will get you by for the next 6 months of prospectiní fer gold or whatever it is you think you will find out there, wherever. Itís really quite simple in its simplicity.

Cut up as much meat as you think you will need or whatever you found that day (any kind will do, but beef is probably best) in pieces about the size of a pecan. Put it in a pot, along with some suet (enough so as the meat won't stick to the sides or burn on the bottom of the pot), and cook it with about the same amount of wild onions, garlic, oregano, and chilies as you have got meat. Put in some salt. Stir it from time to time and cook it until the meat is as tender as you think it's going to get.

For some of the old timers I thought this was pretty simple to do. Aní thinkiní about cookiní the stuff as long as it takes to get the meat as tender as you think itís gonnaí get sounds as if it was a bad huntiní day, aní yíall ended up with a olí buzzard or a olí bear. Any way recipes are meant to be guides, so read this a couple of times and be guided accordingly. Actually this is really an old time Basic Chili Recipe.

Well itís about as basic as it gets.

Just Have Fun On Your Survival Trips


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