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Covering All The Bases

By Bruce Clifford

I'm covering the bases
Looming in high places
Catch me if you can
Catch me
Watch me

I'm circling the vision
Living with the collision
Take me if you can
Catch me
Watch me

Now I'm falling from the clouds
From high atop the endless sky
Trickling down like raindrops
Drifting along until the day I die

Slowly flying across this place
Endless games and holiday parades
Trickling down like snowflakes
Fluttering down
Spiraling down
Touching the ground

All I hear now are the shapes of time
All I can see are the spheres and the divide
All I can taste are the random pieces of lime
All I can smell are the oils and the grime
It's just not feeling pure

I'm covering all the bases
Taking my time with millions of faces
Learning the language and letting her in
Living and jumping in a room full of sin

Catch me
Watch me

10/29/08 Bruce Clifford

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