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By Bruce Clifford

All the lines were drawn
I could have been there in a minute
Fighting for what we could endure
Shaving points to the limit

Blink your tiles and run for cover
All the things that used to be
Now your enemy is your lover
It's what's become between you and me

Distance calls and echos of time
Now all I can see are distant dreams
Fleeting moments where the sun seems to never shine
With no one to tell me what this all means

Blink your eyes and scatter to the brush
Once you get there you could be saved
Why take your time when you're in a rush
I keep thinking there's got to be a better way

Distance calls and echoes of time
Now I can trace the diamonds and the pearls
Fleeting memories are always hard to find
Trapped in a wonderland with barbwire and curls

8/7/2008 Bruce Clifford

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