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Top of Mind

By Bruce Clifford

You don't need me enough to stay
If you didn't need me you would have left the other day
You don't need to know
All the things you thought the world would show you

It isn't at the front of my mind
It's not like radar that shows us there's a sign
It's not like magic and mystical powers in the air
It's not so tragic because no one seems to care

You didn't need me enough to settle in
Caught in the moment of the places you could begin
You didn't see the signs
All the things you thought took place in other times

It isn't at the top of your mind
It's not like a timepiece keeping up with time
It's not like water flowing from the stream
It's not so tragic if you figure out what this all means

It's not like chaos and a total lapse of time
It's not like freedom waiting to be defined
It's not like boredom and the hollow of a tree
It's not like you and it certainly isn't like me

6/21/08 Bruce Clifford

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