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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Castro’s Legacy

Well, it’s been a long time, a very, very long time since I last seen Fidel. Musta’ been back when I was just a young upstart. Seems like it was back about the Korean war years, Used to ship out of New Orleans once in a while, while on a sort of vacation, that was, somethn’ like a sailors holiday. Used to like to head down to Cuba back then, could always get a tanker out of New Orleans to head for Guantanamo, which was a Naval Base back then and not a jail, to bring some fuel oil for the Navy and then head around the Island to get some sugar for the refineries. Was great country around the south end of the Island.

Not only was it good sugar cane growin’ country, but it was a great place to store up on my Rum Supply. While we were loadin’ the tanks with molasses I was loadin’ up with that good Cuban Rum. And that is where I met Fidel one day while quenchin’ my thirst at the local bar. Seems he appreciated his countries natural resources the same as I did back then. And, of course, as is common in a thirst quenching establishment a conversation was struck up. Now ‘young’ Fidel was pretty good with the English language, a bit better than the locals, so we sorta’ picked up on each other, especially when I was trying to tell the bartender what I wanted. He liked his Rum and of course so did I. But, being the good native ‘ambassador’ that he was, he got the bartender to quit giving me that tourist stuff and drag out the premium. And that is where I learned the ‘secrets’ of good rum over the tourists junk. So, thinkin’ back on that meeting I suppose that is why ol’ Fidel is still kickin’, even if he has a couple of years on me. He has fortified his innards with the stuff that keeps vital organs doing their job. Even though he got to be a bad guy later on, and he didn’t get shot, he will be around a bit longer till all that good rum gets out of his system. And I suppose I’ll be around a bit longer myself as long as I fortify my innards. So all you readers, while you are readin’ my younger year escapades, I just thought you might like a good Castro left over before it is too late to ask him about it. And of course I like to illuminate all those who read my long ago escapades, and enlighten all who have an interest in preservatives.

So, as long as it is still that part of the year where good things are still going on before all the Christians go off somewhere to rest up after New Years celebrations, super bowl parties, Valentine’s day, and let’s don’t forget good ol’ Paddy either, I am going to make sure you all have one last fling. Here is your last 'waker upper' before headin’ for Confession and staying off the streets so that all your neighbors tell all the rest of your neighbors what a good guy/gal you are.

Here is a recipe I will call:

Castro’s Cuban Coffee

What you will need for each drink you make:
    One teaspoon of brown sugar
    1 oz Cuban Rum, Santiago de Cuba, gold
    ¾ oz Triple Sec
    ¾ oz Tia Maria
    6 oz good strong black coffee, not too hot, don’t want to cook the alcohol
    Whipping Cream.

Whip up enough whipping cream for all the drinks you are going to make. Dampen the rim of each eight ounce glass and coat it with a mixture of nutmeg and brown sugar. Pour in the rum, triple sec, and Tia Maria. Fill with the strong black coffee and top with the Whipped Cream.

And, now if you all want to toast poor ol’ Fidel for imparting at least one good thing before he goes, you can throw your glasses against the wall and wish him the best wherever he ends up. And now you can go to confession tomorrow, after you sober up.

Take Care Now, Ya’heah and
Behave Till Next Year.

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