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One Soul

By Bruce Clifford

One soul, one heart, one mind
Take off the edge for a while and leave your worries behind
One hope, one love, one dream
Find your way out of the hole and meet your thoughtful extreme

Where are we going to when the world is taking us down
There's no place I'd rather be then with you feeling safe and sound
Where are we going to when the night turns dark and bare
How can we live our dreams when we don't know how to get there
Where are we going to

I knew a private place tucked up far away
Not sure how to get there now because the memory seems to fade
I knew a distant shoreline where we could have crossed the lines in the sand
So, what are we fighting for when no one really understands

One soul, one heart, one mind
Wish I could take your hand and help you stretch and unwind
One promise, One truth, one song
You once took my breath away when you knew I was steering wrong

What are we headed towards as we shift our shadows in the wind
I knew I was somewhere else when the ocean came rushing in
What are we looking for as we gather molecules of cosmic rays
Maybe I have said enough, but who else will be left to save

One day you find me in the glimpse of a dream
Long gone I will be
Still you will see

One moment you'll remember how things used to be
Caught in a moment
Lost in a dream

One soul, one heart, one mind
I wish you can see the truth and let the pain be denied
One hope, one love, one dream
All the visions and air can't define what this all means

6/21/07 Bruce Clifford

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