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I Believed In Us

By Bruce Clifford

I took you at your word
As I listened to your soft voice
The lens of desire
Everyone still makes a choice

Until you find a way
Maybe someone is listening
If you inspired love
Then what else would we be believing in

There was time I believed in love
I believed in hope
I believed in us

There was a time I believed in all that's good
I believed in all I could
I believed in us

What happens when life turns upside down
What happens when things get torn about
What happens when dreams are tossed aside
What happens when you can't look me in the eye

There was a time I believed in trust
I believed in faith
I believed in us

There was a time I believed in what it meant
I believed in common sense
I believed in us

I took you at your word
I listened to everything we learned
I took it all in stride
Now you say goodbye

What happens when life changes with the tide
What happens when love gets torn and tossed aside
What happens when the things that matter most are gone
What happens to everything, when we separately carry on

8/30/07 Bruce Clifford

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