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King of The Road

By Bruce Clifford

King of the road
The thunder is steady
I've toyed with giving
I'm not sidetracked, I'm ready

Cyclone and air
So dense and so heavy
I'm starting to like this now
No cracks in the levy

I could have called you up a thousand times in the rain
I could have lifted you up from playing with the criminally insane
All your friends are the one's who complain

King of the road
Twilight and morning
The path engineered
There was no sound and no warning

Lift up the violent blues
So dark and so dry
If I had just one moment to prove
I never wanted to hear you cry

So, why do you fight me in the middle of the room
Why do you borrow precious time during this hot afternoon
Why are you mixing your clouds with your tears
Why are you certain you have to follow your fears

Why are you lifting your spirits from the ground
Why are you searching for friends who never come around
Why are you counting each last star in the sky
Why are you certain you have to ask why

You're parallel
You're in your own private cell
Lift up your violent blues
King of the road, put on your dancing shoes

Cyclone of air
Trapped in dense dew and dust
Are you following my story now
Before you turn to grains of rust

King of the road
Searching for the truth
Collapsed moments of time
Spoils of abuse

You're parallel

6/13/07 Bruce Clifford

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Bruce, I really enjoy some of your imaginative figures of speech. And am sure to read all the poems and lyrics you post. Keep 'em coming!



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