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Moments of Evaporation

By Bruce Clifford

They blew up the city with the planes
Turned the landscape into flames
Killed the masses and broke our hearts
Miles of caskets and blown out cars

They bombed the churches and torched the trees
Poisoned the oceans and emptied the seas
Every emotion trapped in nuclear rain
The dead go on living in twilight and pain
In a world gone insane

Moments of evaporation pour rivers of dust inspiration
The battle lines were drawn
The honor guard was sworn

Daylight and irrigation bleed streams of time with hesitation
The memory of war
The body count on the floor
What are we fighting for

They blew up the towers with the planes
Turned the city into smoke and pain
Killed the innocent and broke our hearts
Miles of caskets and empty bars

4/7/07 Bruce Clifford

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