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The Playground

By Bruce Clifford

The playground where we used to run
Where we used to laugh and have some fun
Is now a wasteland of chemical glow
It's now a place where no one can go

The empty hours as twilight fades
Endless trials and great mistakes
The innocent tackle their lies at the door
We took what we were after and wanted even more

Maybe you're not the one who understands me
Look in the mirror and count to three
You're not the person we all thought we knew
You had your chance but you split it in two

Maybe you're not my type all wrapped up in time
Changing the pace and erasing the vibe
The playground where we used to run is gone
All that is left is the dust and the gun

The empty hours as the moon dissipates
Volcanic eruptions tear apart every snake
You're not the vision we thought to be real
Gone are the days when you knew how to feel
Gone are the days when you knew what was real

To the playground where we used to swing
To the playground where we could imagine everything
To the playground with fire in our eyes
To the playground where we would look to the sky

To the playground where summer nights were long
To the playground where everyone got along
To the playground where innocence prevailed
To the playground where the dog chased his tail

To the playground all of it now gone
To the playground where we used to carry on
To the playground now where can we go
To the playground and the chemical glow

3/8/2007 Bruce Clifford

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