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Corporate America

By Bruce Clifford

Everyone's a number as the Chairman keeps his stash
Those who try to go on living are caught up when they get slashed
In Corporate America is where I carry my irritated rash

Corporate America is like a nation without a home
The soldiers who do all the fighting are thrown
Out to the streets all alone
Many wars are fought tooth and nail just to bring the bacon home
In Corporate America there's no freedom or pleasure dome

Profits are down
Ninety more are shown the door
A whole new flavor today
Nothing changes anyway

Corporate America brings the hunger to the poor
The layoffs and the jerk offs are underselling the selling floor
Liquidate the empire state and bring the workers to their knees
In Corporate America there is no room to breathe

Profits are down
No raises or bonuses again this year
There has to be a better way
Nothing changes anyway

Corporate America is like the monkey on my back
I can no longer sleep at night and I just might have a heart attack
Corporate America is all about what we can do for them
They will cut out our hearts and bring new soldiers in again
Does it really matter in the end

1/6/07 Bruce Clifford

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