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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Beef Salad What's Got Some 'Beef' In it

Well, I get these little notes and letters every once in a while about 'Hey, Leo, how come you never make no salads?' The fact is, by now ya'll should know I ain't no lettuce leaf lover. Stuff is fer rabbits as far as I am concerned. But then, I do like a good salad if it has some 'beef' so to speak, in it. Beside the fact that I use the word 'beef' to mean 'hearty goodies, the idea is that when I eat a salad I like at least half a meal if not a full one. I don't ever pick around on lettuce leaves slathered with mayonnaise with a salad fork like some fancy pants in a overpriced restaurant. I dig in with knives and forks to pacify my hearty appreciation of stuff that is good even if it ain't some meticulous lettuce salad that is supposed to be good for you, Hell, I already lived a long time without worry wartin' about what I eat. Never had problems with food or drink, if I like it, I eat or drink it, whatever the calorie/cholesterol count the contents contain. I figure the 'Big Guy' must a knowed what He was doin' when He fed all that dough to Moses, an' the story has it, that Moses lived to the ripe ol' age of one hundred and twenty. I just may make it on my diet of good stuff, rather than a diet of stuff what some folks think is good for you.

So let's make a good beefy salad, what will taste good.

We'll do this in two parts, first the goodies and then the salad dressing.

    Look around in the fridge to see if you may have some beef left over from a roast. If so use about a pound of it and slice it up into in thick slices and then cut the slices into 1/4 in wide strips. Or you can jaunt on down to your friendly butcher and have him slice some dele roast beef into in slices.
    And while you are at it grab a couple of packages of salad greens (yea, I know it comes with lettuce, but when we are finished you ain't gonna even notice) at least enough for about 4 cups.
    1 cucumber sliced, thick or thin, don't make no never mind.
    1 avocado cut into wedges, should get at least 8 wedges.

    And now for some great dressing (Ala Leo)

    6 oz. spicy hot (100% pure) vegetable juice.
    cup chopped tomato (or Regular not Hot RoTel).
    cup finely chopped green bell pepper.
    2 tablespoons dry red wine.
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro.
    2 tablespoons Olive Oil (I said Olive Oil, not no junk vegetable oil).
    1 good-sized clove of garlic, crushed.


    Stack the beef slices and cut in half, then slice into strips. In a large bowl combine all the dressing ingredients and mix well. Add the sliced beef and coat it well. Refrigerate at least one hour or you can store it overnight if you are preparing a big meal the next day. This is your salad that will go with it. To serve place salad greens on serving platter. Arrange sliced avocado around the edges with the sliced cucumber. Spoon the beef mixture over the center of the greens.

    Now you got a salad that will go with any meal or good enough to have all by itself.

    A glass of dry red wine will hit the spot with this.

    An' Don't Expect Any More Salads From Me For At Least A Year.

    Take Care Now, Ya'heah!


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