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Part II - Songs From Conversations

By Bruce Clifford

Songs from conversations
Making it through the night
Will she ever again understand
Is she gone and far out of sight

Songs from conversations
That one moment when time stood still
Daylight and inspirations
Replaced by the dark sky and a hard cold chill

Now you're reserved and quiet
Now you're cold and silent
Are you keeping it all inside

Now you never call me
Now you never open up to me
Are you shutting me out of your life

Certain things are meant to be
Other things should be left alone
I have my senses and my memory
What I have done to you I just don't know

Songs from conversations
Try to make me understand
Can I write a revision
Or will you take me by the hand

Songs from conversations
Will you again turn on that light
Paula, do you understand me
Am I wrong or am I right?

1/19/06 Bruce Clifford  

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