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Be American, Buy American

By Leocthasme

Be American, Buy American

Those of you who follow my columns, editorials, and other assorted ramblings know by now that I am above all, American, a Liberal, a Democrat, entirely opinionated, an advocate of organized labor, outspokenly anti-Bush-and-his-lying-bunch who have taken America from Americans. And finally, positively anti Wal-Mart which brings me to this.

So, what is this all about? It's about the fact that Christmas is practically upon us, and well, it's about all of the above too. But, it is also about how we are losing America. Liberals, Democrats, opinionated soap boxers, Labor Unions, Bush Bashers, and those who don't set foot in Wal-Mart can not by themselves do much to bring back America. However collectively we can all help. Bringing America back to greatness, regardless of how Corporate Greed has sold America out in favor of unwarranted tax cuts and various government handouts is as simple as taking care of the companies that still make things in America instead of farming out production to cheap labor in foreign countries. In other words SHOP AMERICA and SHOP AMERICAN COMPANIES.

So, that's a great idea, you say, but jeez, trying to find a pair of 'Made in America' jeans or a shirt is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Actually it isn't. If you consider the price of a gallon of gas, why would you go out to a shopping mall and drive around the lot looking for a parking spot when for a lot less expense you can shop for almost anything right from your PC. Beside that you have avoided impulse buying, because now instead of roaming the isles of the 'big box' outlets and being attracted to all those so called 'everyday low prices' for junk you really don't need, your fingers are doing the walking and heading right to the spot that interests you and to the products you do need and want.

Hey, that's a great idea, where do we start? Well, I did mention Unions, so let's start there. You know,, just because I mentioned Unions doesn't mean you got to look like me or even dress like me, what with my emblazoned T shirts and shirts with Union logos and hats with my local union name and buttons attached (I, of course, love to flaunt my attire in West Texas, one of the places on earth where some people have never heard of a Union and associate such with gays, lesbians, anti Christians, liberals of all sort, Bush bashers in general, and other assorted off beats. So far I am still alive and the local yokels probably think I am too damn old to shoot and will probably be out of their hair soon enough) So when you get to this site and you see all those Union things, don't go running off.

Just click the URL and now that you got there look over to the left sidebar. The main page may show all sort of stuff you might see me wearing, but that sidebar lists all sort of things like Greeting cards, calendars, jackets, shirts, whatever, all union made in the good old USA. Check it out. And, by the way almost all Union URLs have a page of union made products, albeit maybe their own. Here is my Union Store.
and the same thing, look at the left sidebar.

Ok, that was just a start to get you warmed up to the fact that there are places to find American made products. So let's look a little further for all sorts of things you may need and want. Need something for your business, your organization; here are two companies that you can check out
Royal Industries boasts of its over 160 Union Employees and hundreds of products made in the USA.
Positive Promotions sells items to organizations, most printed at their plant in the US and with the Printer's Union 'bug'. When I called them and questioned such things as trophies and awards, they said all that was made and assembled at their location but some parts, such as figures and moldings were bought wherever they could find them. That was honest enough.

Now you can check out
on this page you will find a list of Union American Manufacturers. There are several companies listed there and by clicking on their names you will be led to their web pages. Some companies may not sell directly to individuals, however by checking you will find their outlets...Next look here
you will find sportswear and clothing items all made in America. Again you can get information on ordering and where to buy...

Looking for something different. Go to
click on the Dealer Locator button on the left side of the page and you will find retail outlets near you. SEIU Local 1 members work here and have contributed much to the disaster areas of Hurricane Katrina.

For more clothing of all sorts you can click here and find something for everyone.
click on Contact Us, fill out the form and you can ask where to order.

Need shoes? One of the few American Shoe Manufacturers is located in Wisconsin and they have been in business since 1904. Go to
and you can order 1 pair or a dozen, Some are imported but they are marked as imported. Most are made at their facility. Ask and you can get their catalog to peruse or you can order directly on line.

And here is another URL to check out. Call them and ask about their products and services
A lot of possibilities there for individuals and groups.

Being a cook for my pastime, you might know that I'd locate some American made cooking utensils. Cast iron cooking utensils will last you a lifetime and have been made in America for over a hundred years.
Lodge Cast Iron

And here is a site you can shop to your hearts content. It lists over 500 items all made in the USA. Have fun here.

And here is a final for you. Here you can spend the rest of the year searching for whatever your heart desires, all made in America. There is a data base at the top of the page listing everything and anything Made in the USA. You will also find some very good information about what it means to have a label that says Made In The USA.
Made In USA .

The above link seems to have expired so courtesy of Mike Young, Editor, here is an alternate link to buy American: All American Reviews . Have fun, let your fingers do the walking, and stay out of Wal-Mart until me and a few of my buddies help get the darn place organized.

Leo C. Helmer
Nov. 2005  

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