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With my Soul

By Bruce Clifford

Tell the truth of life when I'm sleeping
Close your eyes and dream what I dream
I count the stars and believe what I'm believing
Holding on for the best days of my life

I didn't realize it until I saw you again
There had to be something there that made me feel this way
I couldn't comprehend what I was feeling inside
No one understood why I no longer wanted to die

And with my soul we danced above the clouds
And with our love we discovered what we found
And with our hearts we gathered all we could
And when we're apart we remember like we should

Tell the truth of life when I'm dreaming
Take me apart and then make me whole
I fall to pieces when you fall from my vision
So I never let your heart go too far away

And with your soul you took me as I am
And with our love we learned to understand
And with our dreams we build our destiny
And with our vision we forget the dark history

I didn't realize until I saw you once again
I knew there was always something there but now I believe
When life gets you down I will wipe away each tear
When it's love that is found all the pain will disappear

10/15/05 Bruce Clifford  

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Reader Comments

Name: Elizabeth Email: Unlisted
Comment: Beautifully stated sentiments!! Thank You for this good read.



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