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Kelly's Grandmother (A Katrina Victim)

By Bruce Clifford

Kelly's grandmother died the other day
A sad casualty of price many paid
Everyone accepted it as Kelly began to cry
Her grandmother refused to leave her house
A few days later she drowned

Kelly's grandmother passed away after being here eighty-two years
As the waters came in and took her life she left everyone she loved in tears
It's hard to explain what the world looked like as everything dried up
Kelly's grandmother died that way
It was her time to give up and let the water take her away
But Kelly goes on so strong and brave as her home drifted away

9/15/05 Bruce Clifford  

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Reader Comments

Name: Bjays Angel Email:
Comment: Hello Bruce I am so sorry about your grandmother's passing. I will be praying for you and your family. I also wanted to tell you what a beuatiful poem you have wrote it has touched my heart and I am sure that it has touched many peopl's heart who have read it. Thank you so much for sharing...



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