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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Something for your Bread, besides Butter

I remember when I was growin' up, that when us kids got hungry, grandma used to slice off a piece of homemade bread, spread it with butter, and sprinkle on a bit of sugar to satisfy our hunger pangs.

With that a glass of milk, made a nice snack, even better than all the candy snacks kids get nowadays.

Well, I dug around to find a bit of hunger satisfaction for today's little urchins.

And I found a cool recipe that should not only satisfy the kids in the household, but even the couch potato snackers, whoever.

So here is a bread spread for all ages, whenever.

Here are the ingredients:

1 can of Ro Tel® diced tomatoes with chilies
    4 oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese®. Let it set out to get to room temp and soften.
    1 small white onion, grated fine
    Several slices of thick sliced bread, spread with butter and placed under the broiler to melt the butter and browned on one side.

This may make more than you may need at one time, but it will keep in the frig for several days for future snacks. Here is the mixing:

Drain the tomatoes and finely chop up any large pieces of tomato.
Combine with the softened cream cheese and blend in the grated onion.
Spread a nice layer of the mix on each piece of toasted bread and serve.

Kids may not want to drink milk with this tangy mix, but a glass of soda or Kool Aid® will flush it down. For the couch potatoes, a Bud or Mich goes well.

Enjoy Your Snackin' Now, Ya'heah!

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