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Rock N Roll Died Today

By Bruce Clifford

Rock N Roll died today when I turned the radio on
The station that rocked for dozens of years now played a different song
And now I search through the digital realm to find my new favorite spot
What used to be my number one preset now has turned off the rock

Rock N Roll died the day John Lennon was taken away
I know his words are here to stay but it can never be the same
The station that turned his record is playing a different tune
Now I have to find another place to drive me through this hot afternoon

    Rock N Roll died the day
    Rock N Roll of yesterday
    All of the answers
    All of the tunes
    Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll died the day the format had to change
Now I drive with a buzz in my head and songs that sound so strange
All of the pieces that float in the sky
Rock N Roll doesn't have to die
All of the feedback and all of the sound
Rock N Roll will always be around

I turned the radio on today to find another station playing my mix
I set a new preset a few digits down
Rock N Roll is still around

2/17/05 Bruce Clifford  

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Reader Comments

Name: Bud Lemire Email:
Comment: Hey Bruce, loved the poem. Love rock n' roll. and loved the Beatles. What can I say....I enjoyed what you had to say and how you said it. Thanks for sharing.



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