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The Lost Art

By Bruce Clifford

Is love a lost art
Is fighting the found art
It's falling all apart
Is love a lost art
From the bottom of my heart

It's getting harder to breath this air
Does anyone really care
Is living free a lost art
Is the enemy pulling us apart
Is love a lost art
Make healing the new art

I can see you from the corner of my mind
Thinking about all the casualty and crime
Playing games like when we were kids
Letting go
Letting go

Is caring a lost art
Is deception the real art
It's burning a hole in my heart
Is peace the lost art
Is love the lost art
Is hope the lost art
Is faith the lost art

7/25/04 Bruce Clifford  

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: I sincerely hope love is not a lost art and have been working hard to prove it this election year.



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