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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Leo's 'Texas' BBQ'd Chicken

Well, it's getting' nigh onto spring and it's time to get out of the Winter doldrums and out of the house too, for that matter. Take a nice day to check out the BBQ pit, grill, whatever, and clean it up. After all, most of you cold country cats have probably let things go since last Fall, or whenever the last time it was that you did some outdoor cookin'. Anyway let's start puttin' things in shape so ya'll can enjoy the Spring outdoors and some new grillin' recipes. So I'm gonna' give you an easy starter to get you back in the grillin' groove, whichever.

This here is a recipe for BBQ'd Chicken and a good BBQ --Leo's Own, reckon I oughta' peddle it that way?-- Sauce to liven the taste buds, whatever. All this should be enough for you an' ma and a couple of kids. Yea, go on and practice on the family first before you think you are ready to invite all your friends, neighbors, and ex wives or ex husbands to a feast.

What you need:

One quartered fryer chicken, about 3+ pounds. If you want to remove the skin, that's OK, but if you leave it on that will probably help keep you from scorching the meat, if the skin gets burned you can always pull it off later. Rinse the pieces in cold water and salt and pepper them. Grill over hot coals about 5 or 6 inches from heat about 20 minutes on each side. Keep down flames. Baste, ever so often to keep the meat moist, with Leo's own 'Texas' BBQ sauce.

And here is the recipe for Leo's Own 'Texas' BBQ Sauce:

    1 cut up large white, sweet onion
    2 chopped up cloves garlic
    1 8oz can tomato sauce
    2 tablespoons Olive Oil
    2 tablespoons Lemon Juice.
    1 teaspoon dried Oregano (for my northern Indiana Yankee buddy what had a 20 year old spice rack he never knew what to do with. If that sealed jar of Oregano is still there it probably ain't gonna hurt to use some. But, after you once open it up, you can throw the rest away).
    1 teaspoon dry mustard. (same advice goes)
    1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce (if you've had that around for 20 years don't use it at all, toss it out and invest in a smaller bottle and use it up in 6 months)
    2 tablespoons packed Brown Sugar (if that's been around for 20 years it probably is rock hard, you will need a cement crusher to bust it up for use)
    teaspoon Louisiana Hot Sauce (ain't hardly too many germs in this solar system that will attack that stuff in a hunnert years)
    cup dry red wine (if that has been aged for over 6 months it's probably too good to use, serve it at some fancier occasion, meanwhile get a jug of cheap stuff that you can use to cook with.)

Here is how to make it:

Blend all the ingredients together, until it is a smooth, saucy mixture. That will make about 2 cups of BBQ sauce to baste your chicken and have some left over to spread on the finished product for a real tasty BBQ flavor. Enjoy!

And Here's to more happy backyard grillin'!

Ya'll Take Care Now, Ya'heah!


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Reader Comments

Name: Julie Email:
Comment: I agree Clara. He really stubs me in my own two specs.



Name: Mary Ann Email:
Comment: Ok, do I HAVE to add the Louisiana Hot Sauce? All sounds really good without that! Thanks for the recipe, will share with the kids (they will probably use the Hot Sauce)!



Name: Clara Email:
Comment: Leo, you're makin' my mouth water!



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