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Another Class Act

By Leocthasme

Another Class Act


There never seems to be a lack of entertainment at Plano Rehab Center.

Maybe it is because the patients there are so happy that another weekend of rest has rolled around. Pretty tedious labor all week getting all the body parts back in working order, So, some weekend relaxation surely is in order and the folks at HEALTHSOUTH in Plano seem to get the best entertainment around to help the relaxation process. The combination of good workouts, good staff, good relaxation, and good entertainment works wonders with aching body parts.

Beside the regular Saturday afternoon fun and games, soft drinks and

cookies, the diversion for this particular Saturday was 'Class Act'. That happens to be the name of a great group of young (at heart) ladies who all happen to be at least 50 years old and for the most part the average age of the group is 60. And, they do tap dance routines. There are over 20 'young' ladies in this group and they volunteer their time for nursing and retirement homes, at national and state conventions, civic events, charity events, private parties, and parades.

'Class Act' was organized over 17 years ago and has given over 950 shows, for the most part in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. But, they also have gone to state conventions; appeared in a made for TV movie; have been nominated for Volunteer Group of the Year in Dallas County; appeared on Good Morning Texas; performed at WFAA Family First meetings; won first place in the West End Cabaret Talent Show and in the National Show Stoppers Talent Competition; and they have been featured by Robert Miller in an article in the Dallas Morning News.

Just recently, 'Class Act' has performed for several senior and veterans events. They did shows at the Golden Age Games, the Olympics for Veterans 55 and over, and for the Merchant Marine National Convention held this past May at the DFW Harvey Hotel. They were featured in a segment on the news on Channel 11 as an active, dynamic, group of senior ladies.

The fact is 'Class Act' is a real Volunteer Organization - all performances are on a volunteer basis. They have never charged for their over 900 appearances, but they do accept donations to defray their operating and traveling costs. They are a very diverse group of ladies, bound by their love of dance, their dedication to volunteerism, and their commitment to community service. They come from all walks of life, some retired, some homemakers, some work full time, some part time. Professions represented are, Real Estate and Real Estate Management, Nursing, Computer Programmers and Technicians, Airlines, Small Business Owners, and Retail Sales and Service. Some have danced professionally and some have never danced until they became part of the group. Some play tennis, some do quilting. One acts and sings in theater productions. Many are grandmothers. All are active in many ways in their community placing a high priority on volunteerism and service, especially in the segments of the community that are disadvantaged, neglected, or forgotten.

The six 'young' ladies who performed at HEALTHSOUTH on this particular

Saturday afternoon were:

Mary Sue Thornton, Dallas, TX, a retired software engineer.

Maryann Starrett, Plano, TX, retired.

Estelle Carter, Dallas, TX, Property Management.

Janice Coffee, Oak Cliff, TX, Nurse at Methodist Hospital.

Peggy Chandler, Richardson TX, Executive Assistant.

Barbara Frank, Richardson, TX, Executive Director for Promotional Products.

They did tap dance routines in keeping with the season, this being the

Thanksgiving Weekend. And, the costumes matched the season and the songs, such as Winter Wonderland and Let It Snow. A couple of New York City Rockett's routines set to Toy Soldiers and the Title song from '42nd Street'. It being the Holiday Season, they did a spirited rendition of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bell Rock. And a good time was had by all.

For other articles about HEALTHSOUTH see the August 2003 Issue of


Leo C. Helmer for Pencilstubs On Line.


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