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Cookin' With Leo

By Leocthasme

Amish Sugar Cakes

A' course I ain't Amish. But, in all this summer heat here in Texas I have to rest a bit and keep cool in th' shade with some Vodka an' orange juice. Orange Juice is good fer yer health, ya' know. An', orange juice with plenty of ice and vodka, will keep you cool in the shade and out of the west Texas sun and sand. While sittin' an' coolin' an' sippin, I got to thinkin' of all the vast knowledge I gained over the years of moving about the countryside. In case ya'll don't know I used to drive over the road in my younger years. Ya' jes might think a ol' gear jammer never got knowledgeable, but back in those days them Teamsters sent me to Union School a time or two so I could teach all the rest a' them greenies how to file grievances against all them dumb dispatchers what sent 'em off to places they didn't really want to go, an' other good stuff like that. Even so, beside all that sensible stuff I had to know, I picked up on a lot of good cookin' too. If ya'll have been around a lot of truck stops it don't take long to figure out what's good cookin' and where's good cookin'. I can truthfully say that when I deadheaded back from th' East Coast on a few occasions, I took th' scenic route back through Pennsylvania over old US 6 which goes through a lot of Amish countryside. An', there were a few roadside eateries along the way that served Amish style cookin'. One of the things that I loved to chow down on while sippin' big mugs a' strong coffee with rich cream was them sugary buttery sweet cakes them folks made. An', you might know ol' Leo C never let a good thing go by without askin' about it. Well, it wasn't the red headed waitress that told me how things were done, but a sweet little ol' granny type clued me in on what went into them sugar cakes. An' now after all these years I jes' seem to pick up on all them good memories while sittin' an' sippin' So, I guess I will pass on to my faithful readers, who wait in anticipation for my mouth watering creations, this simple recipe for Amish sugar cakes.

This is a simple recipe and doesn't take much time or money to shop for the things you will need

    3 cups of sugar
    11/2 sticks of butter, soft and workable
    2 eggs
    2 teaspoons baking soda
    1 cup cream or half and half
    3 cups sifted all purpose flour more or less

The butter should be soft to mix with the eggs and sugar. Stir in the baking soda and add the cream as you mix. Add flour slowly to make a dough that you can roll. Turn the mix out on a floured board, and roll out to about to inch thick. Cut into round cakes or any shape you want. Sprinkle a little granulated sugar on top and place on a lightly buttered pan. Bake at about 325-350 for about 15 to 20 minutes Check to see that the cakes are a golden brown on top and the sugar glistens. They are good right from the oven as soon as you can touch them without burning your fingers, and they are good cold too. Just have plenty of strong hot coffee to dunk them in, or maybe you would like some Maple Syrup on top.

And now, back to my shady patio with some more orange juice and whatever else.
And, you can trust me to conjure up some more goodies while I relax
out of the Texas sun and sand. Take Care Now, Ya'heah!

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Reader Comments

Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Leo, Now cookies are one weakness of the flesh that I have never been cured of in 62 years. And homemade cookies are the best! These sound like genuine classics, a recipe from the days when people didn't even know about sat fats and cholesterol, much less worry about them. I can almost taste them now . . . (I had mine with milk.) John



Name: Mary Ann Email:
Comment: Boy, these do sure sound good and loaded with fat, calories and carbs....JUST LIKE I LOVE TO EAT! Oh well, diet or not, will try them!!! I have loved sugar cookies since my younger days in St. Louis and that wonderful bakery near Watson and Arsenal. Thanks for sharing this and will copy for the kids too!



Name: Jacquie Email:
Comment: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm ... haven't had these in a lonnnnnnng time. Plan to try them out soon! Thanks for sharing this one with us, Leo.



Name: Melinda Email:
Comment: Naughty, naughty, Leo! I'm sure these have NO calories in them, either. Sounds pretty good, though. M



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