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An Editorial: While America Is Waging War

By Leocthasme

While America Is Waging War Against Terrorism And Iraq

The Congress Of The United States Is Waging War Against Americans

It just might please someone to know that while the 'wars' are going on that our Congress was not sitting idly by doing nothing. In fact they have been very busy waging war on unsuspecting American citizens concerned with their loved ones who are away fighting the Administration's wars.

Some good news is that Congress has already passed a TAX CUT. The bad news is that it was for the Oil Companies. That brings up an interesting question. "Why does gasoline only come down a penny or two a gallon, but it goes up 10 or 15 cents at a pop?'

Some more good news is that Congress has agreed on a budget, the bad news is that it will increase our national debt to an all time high. Will our grandchildren be paying for it? I suppose it was a good thing we were all glued to our TVs watching the War News and March Madness, or maybe someone might have asked, "Why?"

In their spending spree, the good news is that Congress passed a Healthcare Plan, the bad news is that it was for Iraq. Well, at least they are thinking about healthcare.

Maybe after the war, our leaders could look for problems they could solve for the American People. For starters, they could look for Weapons of Mass 'Disruption'. First we could look in on Corporate America and find and destroy the corruption there. Maybe, Mr. Bush could get the UN weapons inspectors to take on this job since they are all out of work now. They probably wouldn't find anything anyway, but that never bothered the Administration before. On the other hand, this might give the U. S. a good reason to bust up Wal-Mart before it becomes our nation's 'Company Store' to which we will 'Owe Our Souls…'

Another thing the inspectors could do is to find out the REAL CAUSE of the Medical Malpractice Insurance Crisis. (HINT) Send them to the Insurance Companies.

Looking for something else to do? How about Healthcare for all Americans and drug coverage for all Seniors? How do you pay for it? Most of the time that doesn't seem to bother Congress. But, I have a suggestion, instead of TAX CUTS give Tax Credits for whatever the cost is. That would be a bargain compared to the TAX CUTS. What do you think?  

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Name: Mary Ann Email:
Comment: Lots to think about...thanks for making me think about all this!!! Gonna keep my eyes and ears open now!!! And my Mouth too it that will help the situation! Like you suggestions!



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